Jaw Clutches

Copper Infiltrated Powdered Metal

A complete Jaw Clutch includes a sliding jaw with keyway, driven jaw, shifter yoke, fulcrum bracket and handle*. The driven jaw is square for right hand or left hand rotation. Sprockets used with Jaw Clutches should be silver brazed, not welded, to the driven jaw. Driven jaws fit any standard G&G WELDASPROCKET®  that accepts an Xseries WELDAHUB®.

  • Jaw Clutches are recommended for only applications where speeds are moderate.
  • Jaws are available in other bore styles and sizes up to 1-1/2" by quotation.
  • Handle activation is 1-3/4" at end or 7 degrees rotation.
  • Silver Brazing priced by Quotation.

3" Jaw Clutches

75 lb.-Ft. (Impact Loads) 120 lb.-Ft. (Static Loads)

3" Jaw Clutches

3" Clutch Components

Stock No. Description Bore Size Wt. Lbs.
*198--CXX Sliding Jaw 1" Rd.-1/4"KW 2.38
198DXX-S Driven Jaw 1" Plain 1.75
198--B-2 Shifter Yoke   1.88

*Material: 1045

Complete 3" Clutch

Stock No. Bore Size Wt. Lbs.
198JCSXX 1" Plain 10.88

Handle and Fulcrum Bracket are sold only with Complete 3" Jaw Clutch, not available as separate components.

2.5" Jaw Clutches

56 lb.-Ft. (Impact Loads) 90 lb.-Ft. (Static Loads)

2.5" Jaw Clutches

2-1/2" Clutch Components

Stock No. Description Bore Size Wt. Lbs.
199-BX16 Double Sliding Jaw 1" Rd.-1/4"KW 1.94
199-CX16 Sliding Jaw 1" Rd.-1/4"KW 1.06
199-DX16 Driven Jaw 1" Plain 1.13
199-DX20 Driven Jaw 1-1/4" Plain 1.00
199--B-1 Shifter Yoke   1.63

Available in various bore styles and sizes up to 1-1/4" by quotation. Handles and Fulcrum Brackets for the 2-1/2" Jaw Clutches are not available from G&G Manufacturing Company.

Manufactured in the USA by G&G Manufacturing Company.