PTO Drivelines & Components

G&G Manufacturing Company stocks the full North American PTO system. from ready to use complete PTO drivelines to all components including yokes, repair kits, shields, tubing and shafting. Complete PTO drivelines are available from stock with Safety Orange Plastic Guards. Black plastic guards are available by quotation, other colors are possible with large enough orders. Standard length is 48", the implement yoke is available in a variety of round bore sizes with standard keyway and set screw, hex and spline bores are also available in many other bore sizes. PTO drivelines are also offered without the implement end yoke and trunnion. You may order your center cross and end yoke as you require. The overall length will be 48" when center cross and implement yoke are added. Safety Orange Plastic Guards are furnished with the PTO drivelines less the center cross and implement end yoke.

G&G Manufacturing Company also manufactures and stocks ready to ship, universal replacement drivelines for dry fertilizer spreaders. Implement halves and tractor halves are also available. Black Plastic Guards are provided.For maximum safety and smoothest operation, keep PTO shaft in a closed position while under load. Keep universal joint angles equal. It is recommended not to exceed a 15 degree offset on each Universal joint. Always replace worn or damaged safety guards.

G&G Manufacturing Company manufactures Pin Stop drivelines. These drive lines have been designed for use with implements that operate in a stationary position to prevent overextension of the PTO driveline. Available in 6N, 12N, 14N, 35N,44R and 55N series. Specific information and pricing are available by quotation.

G&G Manufacturing company can make made to order PTO drivelines with special yoke and lengths to meet your specific needs. When ordering or requesting quotation on Made to Order PTO drivelines specify Style Number and Dimensions per drawing.

Also available for repair or replacement parts are yoke and bar assemblies for 48' OA PTO drivelines. Yoke and tube assemblies for 48" OA PTO drivelines. Yoke and tube assemblies with slip sleeve for 48" OA PTO drivelines. Safety Orange Plastic Guards for PTO drivelines manufactured by G&G only. Metal PTO Guards for G&G PTO drivelines, Bearing kits for metal guards. Shield Stabilizers for both plastic and metal guards manufactured by G&G only. Collar snap hitch repair kits, Uni-shield collar snap hitch repair kits. Replacement danger labels.

Many types of universal joints are available. Round to round with a standard keyway and set screw. Round to tube weld with the round bore having a standard keyway and set screw. Collar ball snap hitch to bar weld. Specials available by quotation.

Round bore yokes with keyways, plain bore (no keyway), and double keyways. Bar weld and tube weld yokes. Pin snap hitch yokes, collar ball snap hitch yokes, Ball bearing shear yokes. Hex, spline and clamp type yokes. Square bore, double key and slip sleeve yokes. Slip sleeves, PTO repair kits. Weldajoint bushings.

Grain trailer and wagon tarp repair and replacement parts, including special U-J 1 3/8 21X1 1/4, 1 3/8X 2 spline stub shaft and small block and pin U-J for hopper doors.

G&G Manufacturing can deliver what you need. Contact us with any questions or send us a quote request.

Manufactured in the USA by G&G Manufacturing Company.