Made to Order PTO Drivelines

Made to Order PTO Drivelines

When ordering or requesting quotation on Made to Order PTO Drivelines specify:

Style Number, Dimension L, Dimension M, and Dimension N.

PTO Driveline is shown with uni-shield.


Portions marked Warning Symbol of this driveline are not guarded. The machine manufacturer is responsible for providing guarding.


For maximum safety and smoothest operation, keep PTO Shaft in a closed position while under load. Keep U-Joint angles equal. Recommended not to exceed 15 degree offset on each U-Joint.


Style No. Series No. Guard Type Shaft Size HP @ 540 RPM HP @ 1000 RPM
TR6ND 6N Metal 3/4x7/8 12 22
TR6ND-P 6N Plastic 3/4x7/8 12 22
TR6NA 6N No Guard 3/4x7/8 12 22
TR12ND 12N Metal 1x1-1/8 28 51
TR12ND-P 12N Plastic 1x1-1/8 28 51
TR12NA 12N No Guard 1x1-1/8 28 51
TR14ND 14N Metal 1x1-1/8 36 66
TR14ND-P 14N Plastic 1x1-1/8 36 66
TR14NA 14N No Guard 1x1-1/8 36 66
TR35ND 35N Metal 1-3/16 Sq. 65 120
TR35ND-P 35N Plastic 1-3/16 Sq. 65 120
TR35NA 35N No Guard 1-3/16 Sq. 65 120
TR44ND 44R Metal 1-5/16 Sq. 90 166
TR44ND-P 44R Plastic 1-5/16 Sq. 90 166
TR44NA 44R No Guard 1-5/16 Sq. 90 166
TR55ND 55N Metal 1-3/8 Sq. 110 203
TR55ND-P 55N Plastic 1-3/8 Sq. 110 203
TR55NA 55N No Guard 1-3/8 Sq. 110 203

All PTO Drivelines ordered with no guard must be accompanied by a letter stating that the PTO will be guarded by the customer or used in a application not requiring guards.

HP = (Torque (Lb. Ft.) X RPM) / 5252

Manufactured in the USA by G&G Manufacturing Company.