WELDAHUB® Coupler Hubs

Coupler Hubs

Round Bore Domestic WELDAHUBS® are furnished with standard keyways and (1) set screw.

Round Bore NOVA Import Hubs are furnished with standard keyways and (2) set screws.


Order by Stock Number.

USA Stock No. Fits Hub Series Outside Dia. Inside Dia. Width Wt. Lbs.
012-3224 Weldajoint Bushings® 2 1-1/2 1 0.39
012-3226 W 2 1-5/8 1 0.32
012-4032 X, XX & Weldajoint® Bushings 2-1/2 2 1 0.50

Coupler Hubs are designed to create a coupler to connect two separate shafts. The shafts may be the same or different styles or sizes. Simply choose the WELDAHUB® or WELDAJOINT® Bushing for each shaft needed and assemble with the appropriate Coupler Hub.

We recommend using Low Hydrogen Electrodes to weld all WELDA® parts.

Manufactured in the USA by G&G Manufacturing Company.