Secondary Services

G&G Manufacturing has been making quality power transmission products in their state-of-the-art facilities since 1943. The company also offers secondary machining operations such as Broaching, Hobbing, Heat Treating and Thread Rolling.

Broaching: G&G Manufacturing employs one of the most complete sets of broaches in North America. We are ready to meet a very wide range of shapes and sizes required by our customers. With seven multi-station broaching centers and over 600 broaches, G&G produces round, square, hex, star, and various spline bores. Broaching greatly increases productivity, holds tight tolerances, produces precision finishes, all while maintaining cost effectiveness and time sensitivity.

Hobbing: G&G Hobbing machines allow production of roller chain sprockets, ratchet tooth sprockets, spur gears and spline shafts to individual customer specifications of size and style. With some of the largest hobbing facilities in the country, G&G can efficiently handle all of your hobbing needs up to 5’ in diameter.

Heat Treating: At G&G, our in-house personnel have over 100 years of experience in the areas of carburizing and induction hardening numerous grades of steel. The heat treatment of steel consists of many processes such as preheating, austenitizing, quenching, and tempering.

Thread Rolling: G&G’s thread rolling can meet your threaded rod requirements either through our inventory, or manufacturing according to customer specifications. We can also manufacture parts up to 6" in diameter. G&G can roll and bend parts containing various thread styles and dimensions, not only on the standard C1018. 1010/1018 steel, but also in brass, stainless steel and aluminium.