Steel Spur Gears

G&G Manufacturing Company offers MADE TO ORDER Gears in two Styles: Type A & Type B. Both Styles are available in many sizes with various Pitches & Pressure Angles. Gears are available from 6 to 108 teeth with stock, finished, or special bores and in many different materials.

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Steel Spur Gears

Currently Available

Pressure Angle Diametral Pitch
14-1/2°PA 3DP 4DP 5DP 6DP 7DP 8DP 10DP 12DP 16DP
20°PA 3DP 4DP 5DP 6DP 8DP 9DP 10DP 12DP 16DP
25°PA 4DP 8DP
22-1/2°PA 12DP
Stub 20°PA 16DP

Others available on request.

Manufactured in the USA by G&G Manufacturing Company.