Roller Chain

G&G Manufacturing Company Roller Chain is manufactured to ANSI standards. Stocked sizes of roller chain are 35 chain 41 chain, 40 chain, 50 chain, 60 chain, 80 chain, 100 chain, 120 chain, 140 chain, 160 chain, 200 chain. We stock 3 sizes of heavy duty chain, 50H chain, 60H chain, 80H chain. We stock roller chain for double sprockets, 35-2 chain, 40-2 chain, 50-2 chain, 60-2 chain, 80-2 chain, 100-2 chain, 120-2 chain,  140-2 chain, 160-2 chain. We stock three sizes of extended double pitch roller chain A2040 chain,  A2050 chain, A2060 chain. We also stock the following sizes of cottered chain, 100C chain, 120C chain, 140c chain, 160C chain, 200C chain, 100C-2 chain, 120C-2 chain, 140C-2 chain, 160C-2 chain.

G&G Manufacturing Company roller chain is not rated for use on motorcycles or similar applications.

Roller Chain is stocked in 10’ sections and various length reels. Cut to length pieces available by quotation.

Offset links and Connector links are available for all stocked chain.