G&G NOVA Import Line

Best of Both Worlds

G&G Manufacturing Company, the inventors of the Weldasprocket® and Weldahub® product line, has been offering "NOVA" since 2002, an offshore alternative that parallels our American made components. Also, with the NOVA line, G&G can offer their customers quality USA or NOVA made to order components at competitive pricing. Power Transmission components such as sprockets, couplers, pulleys, sheaves, shafting, including splined, keyed, round, square and hexagonal. We continue to have in-stock American made Weldahub®, Weldasprocket®, and other Power Transmission Components. In addition, we now carry in-stock an extensive line of offshore power transmission components that are listed below. You can click on the tabs below for more information on a specific product group.These offshore products coupled with our manufacturing capabilities allow us to also offer a Hybrid product (a combination of Offshore and American made components). These products will be more competitively priced than a strictly American made product with a delivery time very comparable to an American made product. Our NOVA and Hybrid components carry the same warranty features as our American lines.

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